The Killer Delicious Rating System

Everyone who does reviews and commentary has some kind of rating system. Using stars are so 20th Century. I have devised a rating system that I think has a little more personality. Here it is:

Killer Delicious
– So good you could plotz!
Wicked Good – Better than almost anything you cold put in your mouth.
Food Pellet – Edible but nothing to write home about.
Relatively Weak – You could have made it better at home.
Don’t Swallow – Spit it out in dramatic fashion and make a big scene.

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One Response to The Killer Delicious Rating System

  1. radioabby says:

    So, in reviewing the ratings system, I see there is a void here. I’m wondering if there should be something in between Wicked Good and Food Pellet. We need some way to articulate a meal that is pretty good, not better than almost anything you could put in your mouth, but better than your standard food pellet. What about something like “Better Than Adequate” or “Doesn’t Suck”. Just a thought.

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