Commander’s Palace for Lunch

Those of you who have been to Commander’s Palace are nodding appreciatively right now. Those of you who have not need to put it on your culinary bucket list. I can’t even begin to adequately describe our meal this afternoon. I lack the experience and vocabulary to do it justice. As we were waiting to be seated the Host asked if there was any special occasion and I told him that dining at his restaurant was special occasion enough to which he replied with a straight face “Yes, it is.” I can tell you that we had the Turtle Soup, that was described as the best in the world, finished at the table with a drizzle of fine sherry. We had a Smoked Duck Gumbo that spoke of both a Cajun Grand Ma Ma and Escoffier . We shared the Oyster Dome, steeped in mystery with a hint of Absinthe, tarragon and cream. We had entrees of Black Drum and Grouper, elegantly plated and expertly prepared, full of flavor but not heavy or over done. We finished our meal with the signature Bread Pudding Souffle, a desert so delicious and irresistible that it put us down for the rest of the afternoon.

When you are planning a trip to New Orleans people will tell you that you have to go to Commander’s Palace. They aren’t kidding around.

Commander’s Palace – Killer Delicious

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2 Responses to Commander’s Palace for Lunch

  1. Jeff says:

    Man, I love Turtle Soup. That is the one thing I always make sure I get when I go to NOLA. To do it on the cheap, I go to the Palace Cafe on Canal and sit at the bar, have a good malty beer and a bowl of their soup.

  2. emily angie says:

    Also, I’ll never forget the night at Commander’s when a well bred lady gave us the evil eye for eating off each other’s plates, Claire snapped “Mind your own beezwacks. We are enjoying ourselves”. A proud moment in taking control of our own gastrointestinal pleasure!

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