Huevos El Diablo

egg plateOne of my co-workers had a party last weekend. And she requested that I bring a platter of deviled eggs. I have a fabulous crystal deviled egg plate and having this special piece of serving equipment in my arsenal makes me feel like a true-blue Suzy Homemaker! I never used to make deviled eggs. But now I have the special plate, so I feel compelled to use it. Plus, my husband Jason loves them so much. We get fresh local eggs every Friday from a woman who works with Jason. She has a name, but I only know her as “The Egg Lady”. You’ve never really tasted an egg until you’ve had one fresh from the farm.

My mother used to make deviled eggs and I model my recipe after hers…but as with most of my mother’s recipes, I cannot leave well enough alone. It is in our nature as Goldsteins to jack up every single recipe we come in contact with. My brother can back me up on this one. We never cook anything the same way twice. I got so many compliments last weekend about the deviled eggs, I thought I’d commit the basic recipe to memory. It’s very easy and is only a backdrop for your own imagination.

1 dozen large eggs
1 large blob of mayonaise
1 dollop of mustard, either grainy or dijon, but NOT the yellow kind
1 slurp of horseradish, preferably NOT pink of your final product will look really bizarre
1 small squeeze of fresh lemon juice
1 schtickle of lemon zest, about half a lemon’s worth
salt and pepper to taste
capers, chives and paprika for garnish

Boil the eggs for 8 to 10 minutes. Drain off the boiling water and tap the shell of each egg to let the steam out. This will keep the yolks from getting that ugly green film. Then bathe the eggs in ice water until they are completely cooled. Once cooled, peel them under running water, dry them off and cut them in half longways and dump the yolks into a bowl. I find it works best to crush the yolks completely before you mix in any of the other ingredients to avoid any lumps. Once the yolks are well crushed, add the other stuff and beat vigorously. Your filling should be the consistency of cookie dough, stiff enough to hold it’s shape but not dry or crumbly. If the filling is crumbly, add a little more mayo. And go easy on the lemon juice so you don’t end up with a sour, runny filling. You can either put everything together right away or put everything in the fridge until you’re ready. To assemble, spoon the filling into the empty eggs, dust the tops with paprika and garnish with a couple of capers and some chopped chives. If you want to get really fancy, you can scoop the filling into a sandwich bag and cut a small hole in the corner, then pipe the filling into the eggs with a flourish.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your eggs are too fresh, they won’t peel properly. The shell will stick to the egg white. If you know you’re making deviled eggs, plan ahead and buy your eggs a week in advance so you’ll be sure they will peel cleanly.

RATING: Killer delicious

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  1. emily angie says:

    Yum, I love eggs be-deviled!

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