100 Page Views Today…Hooray!

This is the first significant milestone for successful blogging. I don’t know why 100 is so much better than 99. I was happy when it hit 99 to be honest, but I don’t make the rules so what can I tell ya. Anyway I want to thank Kim for nudging me into this and my sister Abby for contributing great material and even greater friends and most of all I wanted to thank all the people who come by and sneak a peek from time to time. I do this for you.


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7 Responses to 100 Page Views Today…Hooray!

  1. radioabby says:


  2. Terry says:

    Congrats. There must be something about the 100, kindergartners celebrate 100 days of school too. I’ve really enjoyed these.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks for stopping by Terry. I wonder if the aliens who have 6 fingers on each hand celebrate 144 the same we celebrate 100, or if they are using some kind of base 12 math so that their 144 actually turns out to be 100.

      Questions to boggle the mind.

  3. deb says:

    I always thought you had a great talent for writing and am glad you’re finally embracing that.

  4. Good stuff here, Alan! How do I contribute a recipe?

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