The best donuts on the planet

Last month I wrote a post about picking apples. We’d gone to our favorite local orchard, Meadow Ledge Farm, and picked 18 pounds of apples and I baked a mile high apple pie. Believe it or not, we only have a couple apples left. So we went back to pick a few more pounds. My absolute favorite variety is called “mutsu“, also known as “crispin” and they are ready late in the fall. Mutzu apples are yellow in color, enromous, crisp, juicy and unbelievably flavorful. I just love these apples!

meadow ledge

Meadow Ledge Farm is a wonderful place. They grow more than a dozen varieties of apples as well as pears, peaches, pumpkins and lots of other goodies. They stock other locally produced products in their country store, like eggs, cheeses and baked goods. And they make the most amazing apple cider donuts on the planet.

We’ve never actually tasted these donuts, although the smell of them cooking is intoxicating and we could only imagine how delicious they must be. Every time we’ve been to Meadow Ledge Farm, the line for freshly made donuts is so long, it snakes out the door. We have no patience to stand in line, so we usually pick our apples and satisfy our hunger with a cookie or a piece of home made fudge. But this time, we went early on a day after a huge rain storm. We figured nobody would want to pick apples in the mud. And we were right. When we pulled up at 10:00 am, there were only 4 cars in the parking lot. We walked right up to the donut station and got half a dozen fresh, hot donuts right out of the fryer.

donut 3

I took one out of the bag, broke it in half and steam gently wisped from the inside. The outside was crispy and dark. When I took the first bite, my knees turned to jello and I had to sit down before I collapsed. It was the most perfect donut I have ever eaten. It was beautifully crisp on the outside, not too sweet and not crumbly or doughy on the inside, but delicate and caky. It had a faint taste of apples and cinamon, but not too overpowering. It was love in a bag.

These folks know how to make donuts. They go through thousands of donuts every weekend and people all over the region talk about how special these donuts are. Every time we mention Meadow Ledge Farm, people ask us if we’ve had their donuts. They buy special shortening designed specifically for frying donuts and they go through a 50 pound block of the stuff in a day.

donuts 2

We picked 13 pounds of mutsu and idared apples and as we were leaving, cars started pulling in. Some cars were left running in the parking lot while their drivers jumped out and ran in for a dozen donuts. We finished our donuts in the car on the way home.

Krispy Kreme has got NOTHING on Meadow Ledge Farm. Honey Dew? HAH! Dunkin schmunkin! These donuts are hands down the best I have ever eaten.
Ab eating donut 3

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2 Responses to The best donuts on the planet

  1. Milaka says:

    We go to the Cider Mill in Franklin, Michigan every Thanksgiving. We get fresh apple cider and doughnuts just like these. It’s insane how much I eat! And the kids eat more!!! Just four more weeks!!!

  2. deb says:

    I love that about the northeast. We have some apple farms near us and they also do the donut and cider thing. It’s so much fun. Wonder where that combination ever began?

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