Pants on Fire

A quick note from Kim and Alan: we’re making hot sauce!

We had great results from last year’s one superchili plant. So this year we planted seven. So we’re getting quite a lot of superchilis as you might imagine.

And we’re also growing jalapenos and tabascos, so we’re deep into hot sauce right now. Exploring recipes. Giving bottles away. And dreaming about selling our sauce to the world.

This past weekend, Alan whipped up a small batch using serranos and anaheims that we purchased at the Barton Creek Farmers Market. It’s hotter than our usual sauce and we’re calling it “Pants on Fire”.

Yes, it’s hot, but still tasty. We don’t like to actually HURT ourselves with too much fire – like the kind of pain you get from habaneros, no no no. Our sauces give you a nice slow burn that dissipates after a few minutes and leaves you with a nice buzz from capsaicin-induced endorphins. Wheeeee — I just LOVE it – so yummy!

And then Alan put up a very large batch of our favorite, best-tasting sauce, “Lava Lips”. We had a huge pile of superchilis and put them all into this batch. This is the standard that all our other sauces are based on. Alan’s best recipe yet.

I’m trying to get Alan to tell you about it, but he’s not sharing his secrets. We’ll let you know if we ever figure out how to start up a Killer Delicious hot sauce store. It’s some quite tasty stuff!!

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4 Responses to Pants on Fire

  1. Emily Graves says:

    I would help you get started by going to places and having tasting tables. That’s how I got hooked on Oka’s Miso Salad dressing at HEB once!

  2. deb says:

    I like the store idea – capitalist that I am. I’m ready to buy a t-shirt or killer delicious thong.

  3. kimberlyksmith says:

    Ha ha ha, that’s great, a killer delicious thong! And it could be edible!

  4. radioabby says:

    But it might burn your naughty bits!! I made a crock pot pulled pork for a holiday party this year and brought a bottle of Burning Love as a condiment. New England pallets are not accustomed to spice that this, but my co-workers put quite a dent in that bottle and we got a lot of really positive feedback.

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