About Killer Delicious

Hello and welcome to the Killer Delicious food blog. This blog was started by Alan Goldstein, amateur cook, food maven and racontuer based in Austin, Texas. When Alan started this blog, he was a lone voice in the wilderness until he invited his twin sister Abby Goldstein to join him. The twin powers united and the Killer Delicious blog sprung to life. If you’re looking for specific information or a specific recipe, try using the search box and type in your search term. There’s a wealth of great information waiting to be found.

Abby: We both love food and cooking and we both love to tell a good story. I am most excited about sharing the experiences associated with food and cooking, the memories that a special meal inspires and the learning that comes with experimentation in the kitchen. I believe that we never stop learning throughout our lives and I push myself to learn new techniques and try new products all the time. I’m fascinated by the role that food plays in our culture and in our history as humans. And I’m keenly interested in where our food comes from and am always looking for the sources of the most unique and most delicious ingredients. Grocery shopping can be a religious experience, if you approach it with the right spirit.

Alan: When I started this blog, I decided that I couldn’t keep a running commentary on everything that I cook or eat. That would not be entertaining and would turn the joy of this blog into a daily chore. It isn’t news every time I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (although I am preferential to chunky peanut butter and apricot jam and cold milk is a must). Neither is it noteworthy every time I grab a food pelet for lunch or stop for kolache or breakfast taco’s (bacon egg jalapeno and cheese are my favorite) on the way to work. I have seen those blogs and they are tiresome, trite and self important to be generous. If you found this little corner of cyberspace, welcome. I hope I gan give you a giggle, whet your appetite and inspire you to cook.


2 Responses to About Killer Delicious

  1. Richard Cockrell says:

    Sup? I’ve been wondering where you had gotten to. Jay and I are back in the Golden Triangle (what a misnomer). We moved back here to help take care of our folks. Our daughter Maris is now 22 (!) and our son Raylin is 17. I’m the Head Pro up at Wildwood, and Jay is running a feed store/ general store that we are attempting to buy. email me, man. Jay is going to be so excied that I found you!

  2. Lynne Q. says:

    As I have just “told” Abby, this blog is such a wonderful idea and I thank you both for making me laugh as well as enlightening me to all sorts of wonderful recipes.

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