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Inspiration from the Garden and the Sea

I got inspired to prepare a little fine dining. I just got back from a vacation in Maui and the last meal we had was at Pacific’O. This is one of the best restaurants on the island featuring local ingredients … Continue reading

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The Instant Karma of Rudy’s Banana Puddin’

We had friends visiting from New York last weekend and one of the requests that they made was real Texas BBQ, and lots of it. We had made about 10 suggestions and they had a few that were nationally known … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Jewish Coonass

Slim Goodies Diner 3322 Magazine St New Orleans, LA 70115-2411 (504) 891-3447 I guess people stay out too late in New Orleans to get up and eat breakfast. Finding a good place for breakfast close to our hotel turned out … Continue reading

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Wile E. Coyote Eats Oysters

I love the old Road Runner cartoons. The effortlessly superior Road Runner sporting nothing but the gifts that nature gave him continually bests the hapless Wile E. Coyote who must compensate for his shortcomings with technology. The company that Wile … Continue reading

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Find the Fish

Last year a landmark dining estabishment in Concord, NH closed its doors.  The Cat & The Fiddle had hosted prom night dinners, rotary club banquets and hungry geezers for about 50 years.  Its decor hadn’t changed since it opened and neither had … Continue reading

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Lagniappe at Mulate’s

Why is it so hard to get vegetables when you are eating out in restaurants that have not been processed into animal form. We have been in New Orleans for 6 days and veggies have been hard to come by. We went to Cooter Browns to watch football on Sunday and while the food was good it was all raw oysters, fried fish, crawfish pies and a thing called Broccoli Bites – Oooh, broccoli. We ordered some up and it turned out to be old broccoli cheese soup that had been spread out on a sheet pan, allowed to harden, cut into McNuggets, breaded and deep fried. The previous evening we had a grumpy salad at a sad establishment called the Trolley Stop and some lettuce, tomato and pickles on a Po Boy at Mothers on Tuesday was the extent of our vegetable intake. So here we were looking for cajun music and vegetables on Wednesday night and the intertubes revealed Mulate’s restaurant. It certainly fit the description and the menu on the website listed some entree salads as well as veggies served with the meals so we went. Continue reading

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Commander’s Palace for Lunch

Those of you who have been to Commander’s Palace are nodding appreciatively right now. Those of you who have not need to put it on your culinary bucket list. I can’t even begin to adequately describe our meal this afternoon. … Continue reading

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The Best Sandwich EVAH!

There is no better sandwich in the world than the Muffaletta, the venerable working man’s lunch from the waterfront in New Orleans. I had my first Muffaletta in 1985 on my second visit to NOLA and have included a version … Continue reading

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